Crown of Beauty Magazine The Brave Issue - Page 39

COB: What was a situation in your life where you had to get over your fear and do something courageous?

Carmen: I would say honestly just venturing out as a solo artist has been scary. As you may know I was in a band, 1 Girl Nation, and I was in that for five years.

It was one of those things where this song, ironically enough, was the song that kind of made me overcome that fear of being by myself and kind of doing this alone now, and just going for it. I just feel like life is so short; so I was like, "You know what? I'm just going to go for it and record this song." And it's been scary. It's been really exciting, but it's also been kind of uncertain. The future is so unknown for me, but it's just been amazing how God has literally lighted my path and He has said, "Just take one step at a time and follow Me." And so I think that's kind of the season I'm in and it's just been really exciting, but like the song says, it is that feeling of the unknown and just overcoming that fear in my life and just really going for it.

COB: So far, how has the response to you stepping out as a solo artist been? Have you had an overall positive response?

Carmen: I really have! It's been really overwhelming actually! I feel like I've had so much encouragement from fans and just online, social media, people saying that “Flaming Arrows” has really been encouraging to them and they’re listening to it on repeat. Just that constant reminder that they can overcome any fear in their life. I released the music video for it and in one week it had over 50,000 views which for me was just crazy, the response we've seen from the song! So, yeah I just feel so encouraged to keep making music like this.