Crown of Beauty Magazine The Brave Issue - Page 38

Carmen Justice




Meet Carmen Justice! Carmen is a singer from Nashville Tennessee who was a member of the pop/Christian band 1 Girl Nation until 2017. She has now stepped out on her own as a solo artist!

Crown of Beauty: Tell us about your new single “Flaming Arrows”. What was your main inspiration behind it? What made you think “I need to write this song?”

Carmen: Sure! So when I wrote “Flaming Arrows” I was in a season where I was just really anxious about the future and where I was in life. I had a lot of sickness in my family; I had three family members dealing with cancer and I was constantly in fear.

I felt like just a lot of times I would be up late at night thinking about the future, just really anxious. And so I found myself writing this song after I read Ephesians 6 where it talks about the armor of God and it says, “Take up the shield of faith with which you will extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one.” And I was just like, “Woah, this is amazing!” Because that's how I felt at the time. It was this feeling of having hits on all sides by fear and just that thought of like, "With the faith I have in Jesus I can extinguish these flaming arrows. I can overcome this fear. I can rise above it and not let it control my life." And so when we wrote the song it was kind of like, everyone deals with fear to some extent so let's write a song about that and talk about these things that we're all dealing with, but how we can overcome that and just really encouraging people by that passage in Ephesians 6.