Crown of Beauty Magazine The Brave Issue - Page 35

With Him, we have no need for fear. Fear has no place in our lives. He has the power to take away the anxiety you feel, the crippling fear, the heart-stopping paranoia. You just need to ask.

Ask the Lord to give you strength and wisdom to abolish your fears. Pray with fervor, endurance, and frequency. Not only will this help build your relationship with Him, but it will also help break down those prision walls of fear. Through Him all things are possible!

Philippians 4:13-- "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Philippians 4:13 encourages us to push away our fears, reminding us that our strength comes from Christ, and not ourselves. Believing this to be true is the key to overcoming fear.

As a young woman who is the Webster definition of "shy" and "introverted", it was always hard for me to get over fear and worry. It was easy to let fear overtake me and lock up my mouth, never saying anything, ever! I was living with the fear embarrassing myself or feeling inadequate on subject matter being discussed around me. But, being a Christian is not about doing what is easy for us. It is about following God’s law and what He has commanded us to do. We are called to be His disciples and to share and spread His gospel message.

How can we share His truth if we are afraid to speak? We cannot let fear get in the way of us following God’s call. To fully let go of this fear, it takes putting your full trust in the Lord. For me, this was and still is a long, ongoing battle. Every day it takes you making the decision to trust that the Lord will keep His promises in your life and that He has plans for you to prosper despite the hardship you are going through.

Remember, through Him all things are possible!