Crown of Beauty Magazine The Brave Issue - Page 26

Jill Dillard &

Jessa Seewald

Crown of Beauty: Jessa, last time we chatted you were just entering a courtship with Ben! Things have changed so quickly for you. First marriage, then your sweet little Spurgeon, and now Henry has arrived! In what ways have you changed, now as a wife and mother, from when you were a single girl waiting on God to bring your husband?

Jessa: Time has flown by! It seems like just yesterday Ben and I were engaged and planning our wedding, and then we blinked, and now we're celebrating the birth of our second son. I remember in my single years, trying to think forward and imagine what my life would look like in five years. I never could've dreamed of what God had in store.

I am so thankful to be married to such a godly man. It's a blessing to do life together! It's amazing how God brings together two people like us, with our individual strengths and weaknesses, and uses those differences to showing us areas in our lives of pride or selfishness. I'm so grateful for God continuing to teach me and grow me in areas where Christ-like character is lacking!

Crown of Beauty: What have you learned from being a wife and mother?

Jessa: God continues to show me each day my need for reliance upon Him. Being entrusted with the souls of these dear children comes with great responsibility. Ben and I pray often that God would show us how to be good parents, and that our children would know Christ and see their need of Him from a young age. When it comes to parenting, we're constantly learning. My mom is one of my greatest role models! Her patience and use of soft words, even when things are chaotic, has been a great example for me.

Serving faithfully at home...