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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am the oldest of 3 kids; I have two little brothers which is super fun! I was homeschooled from kindergarten to twelfth grade, so homeschooled all the way. I love anything that has to do with theater, so singing, acting, and dancing, especially ballet. I started musical theater when I was about five and then at around 14 years old I began ballet.

How did you discover Crown of Beauty Magazine?

I had seen somewhere that you had done an interview with a band like For King and Country or it might have been Moriah Peters…I can’t remember! Anyways, I think it was about a year ago and I just loved it! I always enjoy reading interviews because you get to see what’s behind the scenes and what is going on in their life. I mean I love the whole magazine, but the interviews are my favorite part!

What has God been teaching you this year?

This year I started college. I started in the fall so I have been away from home and on my own. Through this, God has been showing His faithfulness in many ways. College is stressful. I am surrounded by new friends and now I have a new church, but God is constant and faithful which is so so huge! He has displayed His faithfulness with several little things that He reminds me of everyday. Things like someone putting one of my favorite Bible verses on Facebook or something like that. He’s been teaching me that even when I walk away, He’s still right here all the time.

You mentioned in your Covergirl entry that you went to Haiti! How was that experience? Can we hear a little bit about your story and trip there?

Oh my goodness, I love Haiti!! I would love to go back again! That was my first mission trip without my parents with me so that was a bit different. We did some VBS camps and medical clinics. One of the biggest things we did was give away shoes which was such a huge thing for the people there. I also got to learn how to do vitals and follow the nurses around. That was really cool! And oh my goodness I got to hold some of the cutest babies and play with some of the kiddos while they were waiting in line to get medical attention. Most of the people there barely spoke English and they were very poor. But they were so happy with what they had. We gave them toothbrushes and they were so happy because it was something that was theirs. And here in America, we get toothbrushes all the time and we think: “Oh . . . it’s not my favorite color”, or at least I do that. During that trip I figured out that I didn’t want to be a nurse, but the doctors and nurses there were so sweet and they let me follow them around and help them which helped me to decide that nursing ultimately wasn’t what I wanted to do. They helped me make that decision.

What is one goal/desire you feel God has written on your heart?

I would love to publish a book. I have done a lot writing. I tried NaNoWriMo (month dedicated to writing a whole novel) one year and I think I finished like ten days, so then I tried it a second time and got farther, but I still didn’t get all the way through. Then I tried it one more time and I finished it! So now I am editing and things to completely finish it and hopefully publish it. I have a lot of stories that I would

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