Crowley ISD Connections Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 12

Elementary Teacher of the Year Jennifer MacMurray | First Grade | J.A. Hargrave Elementary School Why do you enjoy teaching first grade? MacMurray: “We are teaching them everything. We are their starting point for the rest of their years. There’s so much to learn in this short amount of timespan, and it’s incredible to watch them grow. They’ll come to you in September and they’re reading little bitty books, and sometimes by the end of the year, they are reading chapter books. Their level of growth in first grade is enormous. It’s a whole lot of fun to watch because they really do change from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. ” How would you explain your teaching style? MacMurray: “I want to make sure that learning is engaging in my class and according to the students’ learning style. I give them the tools and supports that we have. I use any technique that I‘ve learned and that I know will help them to be successful and to learn the material.” Being in charge of first-graders must make for a long day. How do you manage it? MacMurray: “I really like the challenge. There are some days when they are really hard, but the challenge of teaching is exciting. I don’t like using old lesson plans or old materials. I like creating everything new when I’m going to use it, because it keeps me fresh and excited, and I want the kids to feed off of that.” What do you enjoy most about teaching? MacMurray: “I just want the world for these kids. They are so sweet and so good, and they really want to know more. I want them to believe in themselves and to know that we believe in them. I want them to know they have the power to change the world.” Check out our video about Jennifer MacMurray, Crowley ISD’s Elementary Teacher of the Year. 12 CROWLEY ISD CONNECTIONS | Summer 2018 “ “ Tell us about your first-graders. MacMurray: “First-graders are crazy little critters. They are so cute, happy and naturally kind to one another. It’s fun to watch them interact. They really want to know more. They are crazy inquisitive, so it’s a lot of fun to watch them catch onto things and really share with one another. We’ve been reading all kinds of books about kindness and creativity, and it’s been a really fun experience to watch that come out of them.” She always tries to be the sunshine in someone’s cloudy day. Caileigh Brooks, Student