Crowley ISD Connections Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 8

The New Texas Health Huguley Hospital Now Serving You With our new hospital, Texas Health Huguley is reaching new heights in health care. This state-of-the-art hospital is built on a legacy of 39 years of caring for the community like those we love the most. Dedicated to Women An entire floor designed for women! Our spacious, beautiful rooms enhance your comfort and care and allow loved ones to join you at F27V6FRbW"ƖfRv&Bvr6&Pg&FRVW&vV7FW'FVBFFRFVBf'2W"&V6VBv&G2@6W'Ff6F2g&FB7FFRvV6W2&VfV7BW"6֗FVBFFPvW7BVƗGbFVB6&RB6fWGB7V66W702BVW2vWBWrƖfRW"'FVF2vrv6fVGW&W2w@6&VgVǒVBFVB&2W2W"6&R6&FF"vƷ2vFRF&VvWfW'7FWbW"B&W6VVBW&W&rvV6Pf6F'2VF&VRVvW2V6FVBf"B&Vr&'vF6l:vgB66VBG66VB6W'G&BfW&vBwVW7G2&VFR6V6FBfG2F&VBWfW'FVB&ॖW$WtVwVW&rr#2ӓ6WFg&VWvf'Bv'FEsc#5$tU4B4T5D27VW"#p