Crowley ISD Connections Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 23

ASK DS I K D CIS Briah Ross Averi Young Kennedy Ronalder QUESTIONS 3rd Grade, Bess Race Elementary What are you good at? Drawing What do you want to be when you grow up? Chef and a teacher A professional athlete A police officer What’s the hardest rule to follow? No talking in the hallway No cell phones in class Wearing shoes If you were a teacher for a day, what would you teach? Fractions and multiplication How to get a job and set goals Communication skills What are your summer plans? Visit family in Alabama or Arkansas Traveling to Hawaii and San Diego, camps at North Crowley Traveling to Europe What’s the best invention ever? The light bulb The cell phone The coffee machine What have you learned today? How to make a scrapbook Reviewing history and math for finals Some teachers like to get honest reflections from students What’s the best way to stay cool in summer? Put sunscreen on and go swimming, or bring a fan Swimming and staying hydrated Swimming or staying inside If you could say thank you to someone for this school year, who would it be? Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Williamson Mrs. Grossman Mrs. Meadows 7th Grade, Summer Creek Middle Volleyball and reading 10th Grade, Global Prep Academy Swimming and listening CROWLEY ISD CONNECTIONS | Summer 2017 23