Crowley ISD Connections Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 15

WHAT MESSAGE DO YOU HAVE FOR PARENTS? McFarland: “For parents, one of the things I want to assure them of is that we want for their children the same thing they want, which is a high quality education. But more importantly than that, we want for their students to be able to graduate from our schools with more than just a high school diploma. Everything we do is about ensuring that our students have choices, that if they are interested in engineering, they have a way to learn more about that. If they are interested in fine arts, we can get them exposed in multiple ways to fine arts. We want them to graduate with choices and opportunities. From the parents, we need their support. We need the encouragement, the reinforcement of what we are doing at school, to reinforce that at home. We also need them to be present – when kids are performing or when kids are in a program or when kids are competing, we need parents to be engaged and really partners in this work. Our ultimate goal, though, is to make sure, not just that they graduate. We are assuming and setting the standard that they will all graduate. We want them to graduate and have choices and opportunities.” WHAT MESSAGE DO YOU HAVE FOR TEACHERS IN CROWLEY ISD? McFarland: “The teachers are really the difference makers. Most of those educators who I think about who made a difference for me, they were teachers. They were teachers who were in the room every day, and they were speaking hope into me. The message I have for teachers is you have some awesome power, and we recognize that power, and the entire system should be structured to support what happens in that classroom because that’s really where the most important work occurs.” 14 CROWLEY ISD CONNECTIONS | Fall 2016 WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR GOALS FOR CROWLEY ISD? McFarland: “The first goal is for me to get a good understanding of the history and the tradition that exists here in this city. Beyond that, I would love for Crowley ISD to be the best district in Tarrant County first. I believe the board has aspirations of being the best in the state and best in the world, and I do as well. But first I want us to be the best in Tarrant County. And that’s a goal we can hit in a very short order. I think it will take some working and collaborating and really redesigning some systems. But I fully believe in a short period of time, we will be the shining star of Tarrant County first. And then beyond that, I want Crowley to be this model district where we have districts coming from across the nation and across the state to see how, in a diverse environment, in a mixed economic environment, that we’re able to do the things that we’re able to do. I believe it can happen. I’ve seen it happen, and I know it can happen here with the right people.”