Crowley ISD Connections Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 14

Casting a Vision Crowley ISD Connections had the opportunity to sit down with the new Superintendent for Crowley ISD, Dr. Michael McFarland WHY DID YOU BECOME AN EDUCATOR? McFarland: “My mom was an educator. I come from a family of educators. As I look back through my life, everybody who was really important to me and who helped me see I could become more than I was at that time, they were educators. I understood the power that education has to change a person’s life. I wanted to be able to be that type of person to someone else. That’s why I chose to be an educator.” WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO CROWLEY ISD? McFarland: “Crowley ISD is a gem. It’s an outstanding school district with a tradition of excellence. It has great diversity. Diversity to me represents the opportunity for America. Crowley is really a microcosm of the state of Texas as well as the nation. Looking at what’s been done here in Crowley and the potential Crowley has to really be a model to the state, I felt like this would be an awesome place to be. The growth and all the innovative programs that are occurring here already just makes this place a gem. I believe it’s a secret that will be discovered soon.” 14 CROWLEY ISD CONNECTIONS | Fall 2017 YOU’RE MAKING IT A PRIORITY TO MEET CROWLEY ISD EDUCATORS, STUDENTS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS - WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING FROM THEM? McFarland: “One of the things I’m learning is that this place has some awesome people. Any organization, any system, is simply an idea that is made up of really good people. Really having the opportunity to talk to the people, understand what their aspirations are, I’m hearing over and over again this desire to make Crowley a model district. That desire is really the starting point. I believe the resources are here. I believe that we have the will. Now, my job is to work with the people to make sure we put systems in place and programs in place to be able to deliver on these aspirations. I’m hearing a sense of hopefulness. I’m hearing that people want to do better, and they believe that all kids can do better, and so I want to be a part of that. I’m excited about that and hearing that over and over again as I meet with teachers, principals and even with students. They want the best. I’m excited about being a part of an organization that truly wants to be the best.”