CRMJ 415 Week 3 Assignment Critical Thinking Analysis-Gay Bashing CRMJ 415 Week 3 Assignment Critical Thinking Analy

CRMJ 415 Week 3 Assignment Critical Thinking Analysis- Gay Bashing Click Below Link To Purchase thinking-analysis-gay-bashing Critical Thinking Analysis (40 points) Gay Bashing TCOs: 4 1 Defining deviance, types of deviance Criminal behavior, violence Case: Matthew Shepard, a young homosexual man who was a student at the University of Wyoming, died on October 12, 1998 of severe injuries received from a brutal and prolonged attack by two other young men he met in a bar six days earlier. Shepard’s two attackers were Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, to whom he admitted he was gay. Pretending to befriend him, they instead transported him to a rural area, tied him to a barbed wire fence, tortured and beat him and then left him. Many hours later a passerby found him clinging to life. He died in the hospital within the week. McKinney and Henderson, in possession of a bloodied gun and some of Shepard’s possessions, were arrested following his death and charged with murder. At trial they first claimed the gay panic defense (temporary insanity) and later argued that they had only intended to rob him but things go out of hand. Their girlfriends testified that the two men stalked Shepard and that both were sober. Each was convicted of felony murder and sent to prison. Shepard’s parents became tireless advocates against gay bashing, a form of homophobia defined as verbal and/or physical harassment or assault of people who are perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. The word “perceived” is important: there have been