CRMJ 415 Course Project CRMJ 415 Course Project

CRMJ 415 Course Project Click Below Link To Purchase CRMJ 415 Course Project Deviance Literature Review Comprehensive Guidelines Objectives. This three-part project will give you an opportunity to experience the beginning of a research study by conducting a literature review of a deviance topic of your choice. The purpose of a literature review is to inform the researcher about what the state of theory development is with respect to his or her target study topic. This knowledge then becomes the basis for constructing a research methodology. The project is foundational to understanding how theory is formulated and relates directly to the first three terminal course objectives. The topic that you choose will relate to at least one additional terminal course objective. A literature review is a form of secondary research in which one reviews and analyzes data that come from intellectual work previously done by others in the chosen topic area. Sources of data include articles in peer reviewed scholarly journals, court decisions, statutes, personal narratives, government review articles, professional publications(frequently referred to as trade journals) in a related field of practice, newspaper articles in reputable national daily newspapers, book chapters from academic sources and Internet articles from professionally credible organizations. Learning to conduct and write up a good literature review is a valuable academic skill. Guidelines. Your course project is processed in three parts in Weeks 1, 2 and 6. These weeks are the three milestones. Always submit the required work through the drop boxes for the specified weeks. Look for detailed instructions in the Assignment section of the specified weeks and also in Doc Sharing for a copy of the comprehensive guidelines.