Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 8

You’re Not Alone

Written by Skylar Davidson, Halley Schmeeckle, and Alexa Nielsen

As October 10th passes, National Mental Health Day, students at Silver Creek High School begin to feel the negative emotional and mental effects of the fall season. Seasonal affective disorder is common among people during the winter and fall season because of the lack of sunlight. It is also common for people to experience this emotional disorder during the bright seasons of spring and summer

For people who also have major depressive disorder, SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) can be more intense for them, rather than it being mild which is mostly seen with people who have SAD. “Researchers believe that sunlight causes a chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood” (MayoClinic 2016). There are five main types of depression: Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Cyclothymic disorder, Dysthymic disorder, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is very important that you talk to a trusted adult if you or a fellow student is dealing with SAD or any other type of depression and it begins to affect your daily life or brings suicidal thoughts

If you are suffering from social or emotional stress and want to seek help, Ms.Mires’s email is or you can schedule an appointment to see her in the counseling office. Talk to a trusted adult right away!

. At school, you can contact our interventionist, Ms.Mires, who specializes in helping students at Silver Creek with personal and mental issues. During an interview with Ms.Mires, she stated that,“school counselors are the first point of contact for students dealing with social emotional stress)”, and although teachers can be a great starting point for students to get help, they’ll be referred straight to a counselor at school.