Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 4

Behind the Scenes of the Miracle Worker

The Silver Creek Theatre Company is putting on the production of “The Miracle Worker” written by William Gibson. This play is about a girl named Helen Keller who is blind, deaf, and consequently mute (deaf-mute). Growing up, Helen was given minimal discipline and was spoiled by her parents. As she grew up, she became progressively worse, so as a last resort her parents hired Annie Sullivan (the miracle worker) as a governess to teach Helen. After many fierce battles, Annie had to convince Helen’s parents to let her teach Helen alone without any distractions. In that time, she taught Helen about the world around them through consistency of language through hand signals. Annie worked hard to help Helen have discipline and to understand the world around her without seeing it. Once Helen’s training was over, the Keller parents were reunited with their daughter and found her as a different person with new communication skills, a sense of discipline, and a fresh mindset.

Many students are participating in this semester’s play, “The Miracle Worker”. Actors and crew members alike are working diligently; everyone is taking hours out of their daily lives to rehearse and grow stronger. When asked about the choice of “The Miracle Worker”, theatre director Les Dweir said that, “I’ve always been intrigued by the story and thought it would be a really good piece for the group of kids. The group of kids are amazing and the play is coming along nicey”. Alex Lasko, a junior participating in the production, says , “I have been a part of the play last year and the current one. It’s fun and a nice group of people to work with and a fun experience”. Sophomore Rubin Hochhauser said, “I play James, Helen Keller's half brother. I like the rehearsals because it’s just a great experience to work with awesome people and I get to perform a show that I’m proud of”. These students have being putting a lot of effort and are looking forward for the upcoming performances.

Pam Rodgers, Kaylee Giles, and Macy McKenzie