Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 26

What activity is your favorite?

A. Drawing/painting

B. Singing or listening to music

C. Playing sports or exercising

If someone tells you to close your eyes and picture an “apple” do you...

A./C. See a physical apple

B. See the letters a-p-p-l-e

What kind of book would you prefer to read if you had to choose?

A. A picture book

B. A novel

C. A crossword and puzzle book

What do you do when you’re mad?

A. Scold someone

B. Yell at someone or insult them

C. Slam doors or punch something (not someone!).

When someone asks you how to spell a word but you are not sure you are spelling it right do you:

A. Write it on a piece of paper

B. Spell each letter out loud

C. Trace each letter with your finger in the air

What do you do when you’re bored?

A.Watch a movie or read

B. Listen to music

C. Invite friends over or play a game.

What do you do when you’re happy?

A. Smile (:

B. Talk a lot

C. Act really hyper and excited

Which of the following is more distracting?

A. People walking past you.

B. Loud noises

C. An uncomfortable chair.

What is your idea of relaxation?

A. Reading a good book

B. Listening to your favorite songs

C. Having a good workout

How do you get ready to take a test?

A. Read over notes, look at charts, and former assessment papers you completed

B. Have someone quiz you so you can say the answers out loud

C. Create note cards so you can test yourself