Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 24

The End of DACA?

By Fatima Morales

In a recent Trump speech, he talked about his plans on removing DACA for illegal immigrants or as so he calls them, “Aliens”. DACA which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival is a plan that President Obama had established to help thousands of immigrants reach their dreams giving them protection, a visa to work, a social security number, and a better life. As a undocumented person, they move to the United States to give their children a better life in other words “to live their American Dream” to pursue a better life here in the United States. His plan is to remove DACA and increase immigration . Many undocumented people depend on DACA for a better job, better education, better life but just like that, they might have everything they have already achieved taken away. In the AbcNews article Ali Noorani mentions “ I don’t think President Trump wants to be the president who deports 700,000 young people” the question is

“ Will Trump comply with his promises?”

The security at the border has increased since 2014 and many reported cases of family being deported back to Mexico. In one case Armando Lopez a 50 year old illegal immigrant has a wife and children. He has been deported several times and as he said “it might not be my last.” He lived in Nevada and got deported back to Mexico his home country because him not having the qualifying papers to make him a legal United States citizen. Leaving his family behind he stated “ I’ll definitely cross again.. Of course I will” he says “ It doesn’t matter how much it costs -my family is worth much more” an overview of his story he came to the United States was first deported back in 1995 ever since has been a target to ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement ). Lopez who worked at a farm picking strawberries and tomatoes he worked in a chicken farm raising them and where he made money off to help care for his family. By the time he came back he learned how to maintain pools and made it a company hiring three people and made a living out of that but him being an illegal immigrant he had many paper work and was unable to make it a fully successful job. Lopez worries that other families or his own family will be deported and he fears that they would be admitted into foster homes “They broke my dream. This man is breaking up our families” said Lopez.