Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 23


By Taylor Nielsen

Global warming is one of the world’s most talked about global issues. Along with hunger and poverty. Global warming is an increase in the temperature which is higher than the average temperatures. Global warming is very natural, temperatures will rise and decline and fluctuate normally. So what's the problem if this is natural? Well it's not so natural anymore, most of the studies into why global warming is happening is because of human industrialization (such as pollution). Scientists use 10 indicators to prove that humans are to blame; shrinking thermosphere, rising tropopause, less oxygen, more carbon dioxide, nights warming faster than days, more fossil fuel in oceans, less heat into space, cooling stratosphere, and more heat returning to Earth. Some people don’t believe in global warming but from some pretty evident cases such as the ice in Antarctica melting, it is pretty obvious it is real. Some things we can do to prevent global warming from happening is to talk about it and spread the word. You can also install renewable energy in your house, such as solar panels. You also need to buy better light bulbs and save water!