Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 22

Math teacher, Ms. Coppinger states, “the pros to working out in the portables are that there is lots of sunlight and I have an actual classroom this year.” Ms. Coppinger did what is called “floating” last year where she did not have a one classroom to herself, she had to move from room to room as they became available. This benefit is important to remember because while these perks are valuable, there are also some cons such as, “there is no place to send disruptive students or even students with anxiety.” This is in contrast to working within the building where she could easily send misbehaving students to the hall where they wouldn’t be disruptive and she could keep an eye on them, while still being safe. Another benefit with the portables is more teachers are able to teach more classes allowing for more courses to be offered. Mr. Finnestead states, “The portables are not ideal. I hope they are only temporary.”

While teaching in the portables can be difficult, the students share their difficulties as well. Alicia King shares her opinion, “I find the portables are nice because you get a nice breath of fresh air, but it can also be very annoying because of the weather. It is almost always really cold or really hot on the way out to the portables.”

The portable classrooms are temporary for this year only. The portables may become a nuisance throughout the year, but in the end, the school will have several more new classrooms, allowing for many other positives here at Silver Creek High School. Raptors at Silver Creek are lucky and very grateful to be getting this new addition. In Mr. Finnestead’s words, “We need to thank our community for their vote on the bond issue that will allow us this opportunity to meet the needs of our growing population.” This wouldn’t have possible without the amazing community we have here in St. Vrain Valley!