Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 20

Construction on E Wing

While most students are used to walking in the hall like fish going upstream, many students are starting to feel like the building is about to burst. With the amount of students at Silver Creek continuing to grow, the only option that remained was for the school to expand. A bond was passed in 2016, that gave the St. Vrain Valley School District $260 million dollars to use toward the expansion of schools across the district. Silver Creek received $4 million dollars of this funding. With this money, there was a proposal made that Silver Creek would expand our building to have more classrooms. In an interview with senior Austin Leech, who is covering the expansion for his SCLA Capstone project, he gives some insight into how the expansion will take place. I asked Austin how he got involved in such an interesting project. He responded with, “I was asked by Mr. Finnestead if I would consider this project as my capstone. I was excited about the idea of learning about what the political and business side of building onto a school with taxpayer money looked like so I took it on.” There has been a lot of progress made so far, but Austin highlighted what will be done when the full project is completed by the Fall of 2018. “Future plans will include 3 community rooms off the crescent (depending on budget), expanding E-Wing to have three classrooms per level, widening all the doorways leading from the wings to the crescent to ease traffic flow, and all the science classrooms being consolidated to E-Wing.” Steps that have already been taken by the group of individuals who are working on this project, include coming up with the ideas for what the new expansion would entail.

By: Alicia and Delaney