Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 19

Gore Aspect:

Gore is one of the most common, if not the most common aspect of horror movies. It can be found in most horror movies, especially being that the younger generation loves watching this kind of stuff. And that might just because kids today are demented in some way or another, or it could just be a natural appeal. Either way, Friday the 13th set a precedent to the gore aspect of horror movies and is pretty hard to beat, especially with the first film in the series.

“Friday the 13th”. Everyone’s heard of it, horror fanatic or not. Half the world practically goes insane whenever the 13th falls on a Friday. There’s no arguing that it’s a horror classic. The movie follows a group of camp counselors staying at Camp Crystal Lake before the grand reopening after a child drowned there years ago. One by one, the counselors are killed off by an unknown assailant in various, violent ways. Speaking of these various, violent ways, Friday the 13th, although initially reviewed poorly, has become a mainstream classic, primarily via its creative and well done gore, for the time and for the budget. The gore was what made this whole movie stand out. Everyone loved the fact that there was a movie that had to do with a mad man on a killing streak. One with a hockey mask even. The hiding of Jason’s face for most of the movie, Jason’s mom being the killer, and his eerie silence made it an astonishing performance, as well as the sequels, for the most part, keeping this up. Even though it was looked upon poorly at first, it was later realized that this film set a base for gory movies and is hard to beat because it is what made gore. This movie made gore and goriness a huge thing. Yes, the story is a little demented and twisted, but it started a whole new area of focus for what you look for in a horror movie. Most people don’t consider it a horror movie unless gory actions are involved. However, the creepiest thing, again is the silence. Similar to Michael Myers and his silence in Halloween, you never really see him coming. I mean, you can sense that he may come out, but you are never certain that he will be there or if it is just the overwhelming feeling of suspense building up. Friday the 13th was a true horror classic and I personally recommend that for those who have not seen it, that you take the time to do so.