Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 18

SpOoKy groOvy

“Halloween” was a movie franchise that was famous for its suspense. The first Halloween movie was produced in 1978, as one of the most popular horror movies of the year. Halloween is a story of a child by the name of Michael Myers who, as a child, killed his sisters in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois on the night of Halloween of 1963. He then is arrested and locked away until the fateful night of October 30th, 1978 when Myers escapes, the night before Halloween, and how wonderfully did that work out! After his escape, Michael goes into hiding until the following day, the day of Halloween. He then stalks Laurie Strode, who actually turns out to be the one surviving sister that Michael had attacked on Halloween of 1963. Laurie is the one Michael is out to get, and he is essentially going to finish the job, because you can’t leave any witnesses alive, right? Even though everyone in the town already knows that you killed people, and you are locked away, you still have to take care of the witness so nobody knows. Isn’t that truly logical? Anyways, the majority of the scenes in the movie were based around Michael trying to catch and kill Laurie and the people she is with. And believe me when I say he won’t leave that hanging up above his will get that joke when you see the movie.

Who doesn’t love a good horror movie? Isn’t it just great when a scene makes you jump and fizzle inside? Well it is the time of year, the time of the scares. And being that it is the season of scares, why not talk about horror movies, you know?

There are a lot of horror movies and we tried to narrow down a small list of them that have set a precedent for the horror genre. We had talked about the fundamentals of what made a classic horror film and what it takes to make a truly horrific film. One of the first aspects that we talked about was suspense. Suspense in one of the most iconic things that can be found in a horror movie, it builds up questions and doubts in the minds of those watching the film. One of the best films for this was Halloween.

In his pursuit to kill his sister, Michael Myers is also being pursued by his psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis. Yes, his psychiatrist. Because Michael sure likes to sit down and talk about his feelings. In this wicked chase there are scenes in which may seem normal, but as you watch it, you will start to gain the feeling that Michael may be watching you. But that is not the eeriest part of the film. The creepiest part is the fact that Michael is always dead silent, similar to Jason Voorhees. The manner to which he walks and stays silent is the scariest thing you may ever see, aside from the fact that he keeps coming. Even after he is shot or hit with a club, he doesn’t stop. “Halloween” is famous for its suspense factor and the fact that the whole movie is based around suspense itself is rather impressive. Most of this suspense was gained from Michael Myers’s demeanor. The film was not necessarily gory. Yes, he kills people but it is not like there are guts on the floor of the kitchen. The terror came mostly from his silence and relentlessness. He is the definition of a killer that won’t quit, and always comes back for more. For those who have not seen Halloween, it is highly suggested that you watch it (if you are old enough). Just don’t watch it on Halloween, you may not like the outcome.

By Samson, Thomas, Zach, and River