Creek Speak October 2017 - Page 14

Cheerin' for Cheerleading

Hard work and growth has been at the core of the cheerleading team, displayed every week at most athletic events. Lifting up the crowd and each other, we can all agree that cheerleaders add more school spirit to any event. The cheerleading team doesn’t just support football games, they can be seen at volleyball, wrestling, softball, and basketball games as well. During the fall and winter months they participate in statewide competitions and have 6 events in the next three months.

We recently talked to one of the team captains, Tori Taylor, who loves the competitive cheerleading events. “It’s a pretty light atmosphere on the outside, each team is expected to cheer and support each other. But at the same time, cheerleaders are probably the most psychotically competitive girls,” replied Tori. In case you aren’t familiar with these competitions, the girls are judged on their stunts, music, and how well they lead the crowd. Keep an eye out for our great cheerleaders during the remaining football, basketball, and wrestling events this fall and winter.