Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 62

on the films effects.

“Story has now been replaced by technical ability with CGI. Character development is now abandoned in favour of a panicked attention-grabbing frenzy of disconnected scenes. Comedy comes from prat-falling CG chipmunks, rather than wit or a character's reaction to a situation (remember the German bad guy and Indy's reaction to the Arab on the windshield of the truck in 'Raiders'? Hilarious!). The bloated chase scene was incomprehensibly ludicrous. Fantastical CGI renderings paved the way for unrealistic feats of human acrobatics that would not have been out of place in the Matrix Reloaded car chase.” - Peter Hent from Planet Earth

As you can see Indy fans are crazy about all the new effects used in the movie. Who needs real cars anyway? Might as well just use a green block and some cheap stage crew to lug it around a track for twenty minutes so we can get those “real looking” effects.

#2 Shia Labeouf

Can I just say how great Shia Labeouf is at playing a long-lost son? Take away the crazy beard and make him cry a little and you got the perfect combination of confused look meets leather jacket. You really feel the sadness from his deep, unfeeling eyes.