Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 57

Problems With The Top Charts Of Today

What are some issues around Rap and Hip pop charts?

By Isaias Pineda

The top charts in music are a very interesting place at this time. As usual, Drake does rain at the top of that chart. But When it comes to rap and Hip pop, some artist are underrated. Some are due to not getting that shot they need and others due to their lack of content. Today the topics being covered are artist in the hip hop and rap

categories. Drake's album being too hyped and having a disappointing release, Giggs uprising, and Wiz

falling off.


After its anticipated release of more life in late December, Barely now its delayed release is revealed. Drakes “playlist” released March 18th, 2017. Its called a playlist due to it having so many tracks. With those tracks including appearances from 2 chainz and Giggs. More life has more features, but not too much should be spoiled before you get a chance to listen to it. These refreshing tracks are gonna have a total run time of about an hour and a half. A lot of heat has been throne to the Boy Wonder but those 20 tracks that are in the top charts of most listened to on Spotify don't lie. So far my personal favorites are Free Smoke, Can’t Have Everything, and Gyalchester. It can currently be found on most big platforms such as Itunes and Spotify. Drake has made comments regarding a “break from producing albums”. This was before his album was released. These comments were said quite loosely. This means nothing has been confirmed but is in the air for options that Drake may want to chase. Until more information is released, More Life!