Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 56


By Manny Perez

While trying to find interesting topics, I came to find out that according to, a listing was formed from a type of survey and trend statistics found on the internet. The article relates to 31 things us teenagers are into. Out of the 31 things us teens are into,“Worshipping Kanye West” came in number seven! For several reasons this is funny. In a way it's funny because of its wrongness, but also correct in some aspects. Coming from someone of young age and is up to date with trends and what is considered certainly is’t worshipping Kanye. But based of off the attention that he is given by the youth it is understandable why Buzzfeed got this information and went with it. But we as teenagers don’t worship Kanye but give him unnecessary attention. This attention is given through memes,through his shoes, and through Snapchat. Kanye tends to make funny news and gives himself publicity through it and then we teens get ahold of it through the internet and take it to a further level.

The way Buzzfeed paints a picture of teens and young Adults is very funny and ironic in it’s own sort of way. Buzzfeed shows Kanye in front of a cage being reached out and grabbed being “Worshipped”. Question remains, who worships Kanye more, us or TMZ?