Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 53

asked how he brought the students who had been off topic back to the main idea and focused. Finnestead responded enthusiastically: “Proximity. Walking over to their area, and asking questions, to get them back into the nature of working with the group.” Which in our opinion, is a very successful way and an efficient way of working, and has a positive impact as compared to just getting on a student and yelling at them or punishing them as some teachers do.

As for hosting a class outdoors, it depends on the students and the teacher. The experience is not just a one-way street. The students learn valuable information from the teacher as the teacher learns from the students. The teacher often takes their experiences with their class and uses those experiences to their benefit by making their curriculum better, and easier to lead. As for the student, when focused, can take much more than the basic understanding away from the teacher’s curriculum, as their intuition benefits as well. While having a class inside can do this, taking a class outside can enhance the understanding of an individual, as well as bringing a more positive attitude to those taking the class. While having a class inside can be entertaining, classes which are taken outside help alleviate stress, and also reduce symptoms of ADD and ADHD, which is very beneficial to those who are placed in these circumstances. And as Finnestead had told us both, “A skillful teacher will take advantage of that possibility”, which we both agree with. This possibility of having class outside enhances environmental awareness and brings a more positive outlook to people’s lives in general, which with positive outlooks come positive results. And positive results are what we all want right?

Now we know that it is not always easy, or sometimes it may even seem impossible, to teach a class outside, because what is outside has no relevance to what some instructors are teaching. Teaching outside is not for everyone, and this is understandable that not everyone can take their class outside. But for those who are fully capable of doing so, it is very much approved that you teach outside when you can and it is feasible. In more ways than one, it will help you and your students develop a better understanding of what is being taught, and what is being done. With this being said, why not give having class outside a shot?