Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 5

She played the part of the Mayor’s wife, which happens to be her favorite part. Another recent show that she took part in was The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at the Longmont Theatre, in which she played Alice.

Being new here, we figured it would be interesting to see what Maddie

though about her first show with the Silver Creek Theater Department. She replied excitedly, stating “I’m very excited, because I’ve done theatre almost my whole life, and it’s a new environment and it’s very welcoming.” Continuing on with all of that excitement, she told us about all of the exciting parts of the production, including “seeing how it affects people... how just singing and dancing can evoke emotions,” and how “the people in the show are just so nice... and everyone is so talented.” The whole company is super excited to have such a talented new freshman!

One of the most dynamic duets in all of Disney is Gaston and LeFou.Their interactions in the movie bring about laughter, anger, and questions about the true nature of their relationship.

and questions about the true nature of their relationship. Such well known and grand parts are hard to tackle and effectively recreate, but luckily for our production, we have very talented actors, such as Gennaro Wood and Rubin Hochhauser to take on the roles of Gaston and LeFou. The pair of them are both new to our company this year, Wood a senior, and Hochhauser a freshman. Wood really enjoys the department, and when we at Creek Speak asked, said “Les does a really good job, so does Angela... and it’s just a really good atmosphere to be around.” Hochhauser agreed, saying “It’s a good time!”