Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 48

Senior Spotlights

A spotlight for students who are choosing unique or interesting paths after graduating high school.

By Jack Warn

Carter Blink

Carter plans on moving to LA after this summer to chase his dream of becoming a standup comedian. He wants to do this because he thinks “it would be pretty fun to not have a real job.” He also, “really enjoys making people laugh,” and looking, “on the lighter side of things.” His favorite comedian is Louis C.K. Who inspired him to try standup through his show “Louie.”

Manny Perez

Manny wants to do anything that has to do with music production. He wants to focus on the live performance aspect of music. He is currently working on a project to rent out a music venue and throw a party while playing music all of them have worked on. Manny wants to do this because he has “always been into making music and the process of making it.” When manny listens he doesn’t just listen to the words, he listens to the beat, melody, and chorus.