Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 46

For the first event, Stouder was able to raise $500. Only one out of ten teams showed up, but the people who did attend had a lot of fun. The winter event that she hosted was able to bring in $900. Nine teams came and everyone participated in the activities. By setting these occasions up, she learned a lot about time management and organization. Her end goal is to raise $2000 total for Mountain State’s Children Home. So far, Stouder has gained $1400 to donate to the MSCH. Look out for ways you can help her get to the goal. There is one more event this year but after that, Stouder would definitely like Creek Clash to continue. She hopes that someone could make it even better than what she’s done. For now though, Stouder has done a great job of creating a successful program.

This particular project is important to Stouder because she says, “I feel as if I matter.” She wants to make a difference and she intends on doing that now and even in the future by pursuing a career in nursing. She loves helping others even though it can be very stressful and hard. It is her passion. When asked what advice Stouder would give to young students who want to make a difference, Stouder boldly stated, “Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.” She believes that in order to learn and grow as individuals, “we can’t look at failure as a bad thing.” We learn through trial and error. You can truly make a difference by being nice and trying new things. You can get involved with this outreach by joining volunteer opportunities at events or even donating. Joining any SCLA project or event can truly benefit the school and community. Look out for emails and promotions from Stouder to get involved, or email her at

These events not only have had a huge impact of Creek teams as well as MSCH, they have also had a huge impact on Stouder. Seeing kids having fun and working together is always a good thing. She says, “I love it. I love seeing positivity.” Stouder’s positivity and perseverance is truly inspiring, and it is something great to be looked up to. All in all, She has done a great job of creating a program that can change the lives of many. By all of the work she has done, Stouder has helped out Mountain State’s Children home immensely. She really has contributed so much to them and has made something to be truly proud of.

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