Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 4

Before the Last Petal Drops

The Backstage Process of our Theater Company

By Sara Findley and Sophie Gehorsham

Now that the production process of Beauty and the Beast is underway, it’s time for the hard work to really pick up. From this point on, get used to seeing the cast sitting in quiet corners memorizing, singing aloud to no music, and dancing down the hallway. Everyone is working hard on getting everything working smoothly, and it doesn’t stop with the cast and directors. There are concepts being drawn out for the set, posters designed and in the process of printing, dances being choreographed for the more skilled dancers (think Siobhan from last edition), and the tech side of the show has begun its work. Everyone is excited for everything to be put together. So far, almost the entire opening scene, “Belle,” is complete, singing and all, and “Be Our Guest” has come a long way with the choreography, along with much more. To get a better understanding of our theatre company, both on stage and behind the scenes, we here at “Creek Speak” went around and interviewed members of the cast and one of the directors for the spring musical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

We first interviewed Maddie Bush, a freshman who moved here from Seattle in August. Bush is very talented as an actor and a singer, and is able to really inhabit the part of “Lady with Cane,” one of the townspeople. Bush has done many plays in her theatrical history, including Music Man in seventh grade, which was one of her favorite productions she has done.