Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 20

the Yampa River in Steamboat and a northern pike darted out, snatched my fish, and cut my line. That was memorable.” We also asked him if he had ever been injured while fly-fishing, he shared, “I was fishing on the Green River in Utah once and my brother-in-law hooked me with a large fly. After trying for about 20 minutes to remove the hook, I gave up and kept fishing. Later, after trying for 45 minutes to remove it with a pair of pliers, I went to the hospital to have it removed.”

Overall Mr. Kloster is a teacher who values hobbies and topics that have a large skill capacity so that he can always be improving himself and learning more about the things that he has studied for a large majority of his life. Chemistry and fly-fishing are his two go-to’s that allow him to always be entertained by researching or learning more about them. Mr. Kloster is a teacher that many students at Silver Creek love and one that can really hook your interest if you let him!

Your teachers are people too! get to know them and you may find that you have a lot of common interests!