Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 2

Table of Contents

Pg 4 Before the Last Petal Drops

Sara Findley and Sophie Gehorsham

Pg. 8 Clubbin With Sienna and Syd

Sienna Eshleman and Sydney Eckert

Pg. 12 The Refugee

Kiley Winkelhake

Pg. 17 Teacher Interviews

Kyle Ashby and Mason Andrews

Pg. 21 Martin's Meals and Sarah's Sweets

Sarah Eisenberg and Abbigail Martin

Pg. 29 Conspiring Conspiracies

Jeremy Bartley

Pg. 32 5 Reasons Why Technology is Making Life Harder

Kam Wergin and Abigail Brown

Pg. 34 Raptor Sports

Noah Hasan and Joe Roth-Borgett

Pg 39 Best Buger and Fries

Paxton Wimberley and Mallory Lopez

Pg. 42 Creek Outreach

Holly Chillson and Rylegih Thompson

Pg. 48 Senior Spotlights

Jack Warn

Pg. 51 Should We Have Class Outside?

Thomas Smith and Maddie Bush

Pg. 54 DIY

Amelia Roth

Pg. 56 Roughfeed

Manny Perez

Pg. 57 Problems With the Top Charts of Today

Isaias Pineda

Pg. 60 Senioritis

Siobhan Nelson

Pg. 61 Groovie Movies

David Demers