Creek Speak April 2017 - Page 10

someone that really wants to make a difference, and sees each other as a family. Everyone that comes to our meetings is really part of our big family, from freshmen to seniors.”

What is your favorite memory from the club?

“One time Coltan Grabau, did this skit in front of the class, all pertaining to FCA, and he was sleeping and had someone in the back of the room act like his Mom. This woman said ‘Coltan get up for FCA!’ and Coltan just layed on the couch repeating ‘give me a couple more minutes to sleep!’. Then out of nowhere he goes ‘Wait, Coltan is speaking!’, talking about himself in the third person, gets up and knocks over everything on the whiteboard. Like all of the markers were on the floor, all the chairs were flipped over, and all of Mrs. G’s personal items were all over the floor. So, this is one of the many favorite memories I have from the club.”

Blue Planet Advocates

Blue Planet Advocates, or BPA, has teamed up with Ocean First Institute to help Silver Creek reduce energy use and increase efficiency. The club is working on ways to save the school hundreds to thousands of dollars every year, while also leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Anyone who cares about the environment and wants to help in any way possible, BPA is the perfect club for working in local areas. Blue Planet Advocates meets every other Thursday in Mrs. Keith’s room, E20, after school from 2:30-3:30. Stop by and see the amazing work contributed by Abby Sparks, Sienna Eshleman, Sydney Eckert, and Susana Shrestha along with Ocean First’s representative Lauren Riegler! We interviewed Abby Sparks to learn more about the club.

What is your club’s goal?

“This year our club’s goal is to reduce energy in the school and create awareness.”

What do you guys do in your meetings?

“We go through our plans for the week and make sure that everything is on track with our program.”

How is it different from other clubs?

“We make a greater impact within our own community.”

What’s your favorite memory from the club?

“We all went out to lunch with as a group. We went with our club directors Lauren Riegler and Dr. Mikki who sponsor us at Ocean First Institute.”