CreativePlay Retailer May 2019 - Page 20

Editor’s CHOICE Miniland Educational Miniland believes that empowering twenty-first-century skills with multiple play experiences encourages the for- mation of educators and children in- spired by active collaboration, collec- tive creativity and continual learning. Inspired by Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, whereby intelli- gence in children is not a single, static quality, Miniland’s array of educational toys and games are made for children ages 3 to 6 to experiment with the world both in and out of the class- room. By using a learning-by-doing, hands-on approach, children become the story tellers of their development; the grand creators of their world. With products like The Rocket 10, a powerful game that promotes basic mathematical concepts, and Emotions Detective, where children can develop their deduction skills and identify their emotions, educators and parents can reach or surpass the different phases of educational development from mul- tiple mental frameworks and detect each child’s innate skills. Miniland’s toys, tools and resourc- es encourage education from mul- tiple approaches, challenging young students to learn in a balanced way, evolving beyond current educational standards. 877.363.6464 18 | The Learning Journey International Best Party Concepts, LLC All Aboard the Go Green Recycle Truck and learn about recycling, shapes and colors! Go Green Recycle Truck has three play modes - Learn the Color and Shapes to Recycle, and Find It! that are played by simply inserting the plastic shapes to recycle into their proper slots. Mode three allows your child to control the truck by using the infrared remote control to move the truck forward and backward. While the truck drives along it plays melodies, the wheels move and the nose blinks. The recycling shape pieces can be stored in the handy storage compartment inside the truck. Go Green Recycle Truck also has an automatic shut-off feature that preserves the battery life of the required three “AA” batteries for the main unit (included) and two “AA” batteries for the remote (not included). Recommended for children 18 months and up. Since their inception in 1995, The Learning Journey has been designing, manufacturing and distributing an ex- clusive line of award-winning children’s interactive educational products. The Learning Journey has continually fo- cused on creating products that offer consumers excellent value and offer children valuable educational content to help build confidence, developing the skills they need to prepare for school and beyond. Our mission is to reinvigorate the children’s celebration category with innovative new products.  Our patented Goodie Gusher is the safe, fun and reusable piñata game.  You simply fill it with up to 5 pounds of candy and prizes, hang it up, and let the party begin.  Children take turns trying to select the Magic Key.  When the Magic Key is pulled all the treats are dispensed from the Goodie Gusher.  It’s safe, reusable and a different Magic Key every-time you play. Goodie Gusher is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Goodie Gusher is the safe, fun alternative to traditional piñatas and is perfect for children ages 3+.  Since our introduction of the original 30 Key Goodie Gushers we have expanded the brand to include 6 styles of 15 Key Goodie Gushers as well as 2 styles of Punch Boxes. The Goodie Gusher brand offers your customers new and unique products while adding innovation and excitement to your party and celebrations category.  Contact us today! 877-839-3969 610.825.1493