CreativePlay Retailer May 2019 - Page 18

Kids as Young as Three Can Already Start STEM Learning with The Little Lab Microscope The Creative Child’s Educational Toy of The Year winner makes its debut! These days, we want to start our kids on STEM learning early on. Preschool is a time when kids have endless curiosity and they’re eager to learn about what’s going on around them. Kids may already start forming ideas about gender roles and what they want to be when they grow up. Let’s introduce them to science now and see where they take it. The Little Lab Microscope from KidzLane gives kids the chance to see everyday objects through its 8x magnification lens. They can switch on the light and turn the focus wheels to they can see those tiny details in anything they may find: a leaf, dandelion, twig, clementine wedge... The set comes with pretend lizard and spider specimens kids can examine under the lens, along with a petri dish, forceps and a scalpel. Also included is a Guide and Activity Book full of research ideas and science facts like: a ladybug can eat up to 5,000 bugs in its lifetime. How rude! KidzLane is excited to receive three awards from Creative Child: The Little Lab Microscope won Educational Toy of the Year. The Kids Doctor Kit won the Creative Play of the Year Award as well as the Preferred Choice Award. We work hard creating top-quality toys that will educate and engage toddlers to tweens and it’s paid off.