CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 62

Toy Fair Booth #5860 DRESS UP AND DREAM BIG! Props in a Box encourages children to engage in imaginative play with gender neutral props that allow them to embark on epic adventures, create mythical stories and record memories for the family to relive with the Props in a Box Movie Maker App. With the Props in a Box Movie Maker App you can record, edit and add special effects. This kit is sure to make your little one feel famous, while also giving your family video memories to last a lifetime! Not only does the Movie Maker app allow you to add special effects and sound effects to your child’s personal movie, but also provides “Story Starters” specific to their prop set, to offer inspiring ideas and encourage imaginative play. When you’re done, it’s easy to share it all to social media, so your friends and family can see it too. The Props in a Box App is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. As children take on different roles and explore varying perspectives, they learn decision-making, empathy, problem solving, delayed gratification and other essential developmental skills. Each unique set combines two gender-neutral character costumes, as well as 10+ felt props with a “hand-made” feel and an illustrated whimsical backdrop. There are no boy kits and there are no girl kits. With Props in a Box kids are free to enjoy a land of make believe—where little girls may roam the open seas as a pirate and little boys can go fishing in outer space. Props in a Box engages the entire family to create stories and make believe with whimsical costumes, props, backdrops. It is the perfect gender neutral play! Props in a Box offers four unique kits by combining uncommon characters: The Dinosaur & The Pirate, The Princess & The Chef, The Doctor & The Farmer and The Fisherman & The Astronaut. | 212.595.0937 | 60 |