CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 44

Japanese Solar Dancing Toys W e all have seen solar dancing toys around for many years, they have been good sellers, but most subjects and designs are sort of tacky and ethnic in nature, reminded us of Chinatown gift shop varieties, nevertheless steady good sellers.  Now there is a new breed of Japanese solar toys with new twists, first you’ll notice they are cute animals, flowers and apples, not just the usual fat money god.  There are cats, bears, dogs, jelly fish, all with that special Japanese touch in character designs.  You’ll also notice they are smaller, bigger is not better, smaller is cute; Japanese homes and offices are small, space is a premium, they became the experts in miniaturizations, solar dancing toys are no exceptions. Quality is higher, everyone we tested work perfectly, they just kept on rocking and dancing, they are also more effective in solar energy with new generation of solar cell, even work in normal room lighting without direct sunlight.  Please note, they do not work inside packaging, you need to take them out of retail package to function.  They are designed in Japan, made in China, made under stricter Japanese quality control and imported from Japan. Packaging is better, all in hanging clam shell packages, you can display them on the wall.  Package sizes are smaller, retail space is an expensive luxury in any countries, they don’t waste your space.  What is funny is they are in original Japanese packages in Japanese, which has that authentic feel and exotic touch. There are eco-friendly green energy, no electricity, no battery ever needed.  Energizer bunny needs battery, solar cats and dogs eat light, the healthy renewable mother nature energy. Anything that moves attracts attention, customers’ see them, and they liven up a store, a basic principle in retail display.  I think it is a lot more fun and attractive to set up a small wall shelf of assorted solar dancing toys, out of retail clam shells, all rocking and dancing; they may eventually drive you crazy, but it works.   Japanese solar dancing toys are not new products, but these are very different than all the ones you’ve seen before, these are designed and made in Japan with appealing cute characters for kids and kids in all of us.  They are priced in the lower under $10 range, all wholesale for $4 each.  What is amazing is retailers can buy them with no minimum case pack, one here, 3 or 6 there, buyers buy based on their preferences, not at the convenience of case quantities. There is only one authentic general wholesale distributor of all real Japanese Solar Dancing Toys in the U.S., bcmini, a specialist in small, cheap and Japanese toys and gifts, unique characters, small, cheap and Japanese. You can order by phone, email, fax, reps or online 24/7. The minimum online order is only $50, offiline $100 minimum, free freight is easy with a very low $300 requirement. email mac@ or call them 1-800-592-9000, they are Japanese Miniature experts ready to help you to pick the best sellers among many choices of Japanese Solar Dancing Toys. • • 800.592.9000 • Toy Fair Booth #5209 | |