CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 26

Toy Bricks Meet Mobile Apps! Build With Your Favorite Toy Bricks Crystal Clear Toy Brick Baseplate Interactive IdentiToy App Sounds! T IdentiToy About IdentiToy® ake your toy brick building experience to the next level! The crystal clear toy brick baseplate is designed for use with the free IdentiToy app. Images generated by the app shine through the baseplate and form a background landscape. The images augmented with sounds, enhance the toy brick building experience. For example, to create a beach scene, users can place toy brick palm trees, beach huts and toy brick figures in beach apparel on the baseplate. The scene is then created with seamlessly tileable background images such as water or sand, a foreground image such as fish, and sounds, such as wave sounds. The baseplate is then placed on the screen for an immersive audio, visual and tactile experience. The App has several screens with predesigned scenery such as a racetrack or a disco. In addition users can create custom landscapes with seamlessly tileable images which are built with 8mm, (one stud spacing), or 16mm, (two stud spacing), tile images. The baseplate is compatible with the most popular brand of toy bricks. The IdentiToy vision, is for every toy brick set, to have an associated app screen which will enhance the play value of that toy brick set. 24 | ® IdentiToy Inc, is a Silicon Valley based company specializing in interactive toys and technologies. In addition to the toy brick A new way to play! baseplate and app, IdentiToy is developing novel interactive technologies, which go beyond a traditional touchpad interface. The patent pending IdentiToy® system is able to locate the position of and identify the type of toy placed on a display screen for a cost similar to an RFID hotel card key. In addition the IdentiToy system can read and relay the status of sensors such as “fire buttons” on the toy, enabling the toy to have access to the full audio, visual and internet capabilities of the tablet on which it is placed. The IdentiToy system works even when the toy is hovered above the screen and can even wirelessly power the toy. IdentiToy – A new way to play | | ToyFair 2016 at Booth 3245