CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 24

Just Add “More Fun” from Griddly Games See Us At Toy Fair! Booth #6123 A ll of the new ingredients are set for Griddly Games to take off in 2016. The product development lab at Griddly Games has been very busy getting ready to Just Add _______ (even more) items to the company’s most successful product launch.   Last year, Griddly poured out a cool new entry into the STEM product category with its Just Add Milk science activity craft kit. This year, the company is “add”-ing two more STEM/STEAM style kits as well as a new family game. Just Add Sun (MSRP $25.98 for ages 5 and up) is a “hot” new solar oven that uses the sun’s energy to heat up tasty treats. The product includes directions to melt s’mores, make nachos, or even cook an egg, among many other activities. Learn how solar energy works and about eco-friendly energy alternatives. See how the energy of the sun can be used for heating and cooking, and experiment with light, heat transfer, reflection, and more! Just Add Glue (MSRP $16.95 for ages 6 and up) is a kit that stretches the imagination! Use this kit to create different forms of super stretchy polymers and make them bounce! Experimenting with the Just Add Glue kit lets you mix separate batches of varying amounts of ingredients to witness the difference that consistencies can make.   (604) 249-5020 GRIDDLYGAMES.COM 22 | The company’s other new product is a family game called Rocket Lander (MSRP $26.95 for ages 7 and up). The new game also lends itself to an ingredient of the STEM category. Rocket Lander is a dice component game with an out of this world, explosive theme. Rocket Lander challenges players to strategically plot a course on a 3d axis graph. Discover more on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.