CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 20

FUN NEW WAYS TO FOSTER CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION Kids today are same as always – they love to use their imaginations, explore, be creative and learn. And, in today’s connected, social media-driven world, teens and kids no longer passively consume media, they create and best of all, share it! HamiltonBuhl products are uniquely engaging, fostering creativity and imagination. Here are two of their new products: Introducing KidzPhonz Originalz, the exciting, high quality, stereo headphones, with fully-customizable earcups that encourage imagination and creativity! Meet JUKE24, the new portable, digital jukebox that lets kids listen to their favorites, at the touch of a button, as often as they want! The specially-designed earcups on these headphones are the canvas for kids to express their ideas, thoughts, style – their individuality and come with removable, clear plastic guards to protect and hold designs in place. They can change designs as often as they like, according to their mood, the season, or the weather! For the wannabe rockstars, load up Katy Perry, Pharrell, ImagineDragons and others. Channeling Elsa? Load up the entire “Frozen” soundtrack! Feeling “Wicked”? Just push the button and singalong! Load any music or audio from CD, computer or flash drive, even read and record your kids’ favorite books. To make it really easy, HamiltonBuhl has developed a FREE iPhone app that guides kids through a fun, easy-to-use design process, is loaded with images, expressions, elements, backgrounds and fonts, and allows using their phone’s camera to capture images. They easily print and wear their designs plus save and share them. Then, engage your kids to create button artwork. From cartoon characters to superheroes or bands, they can add anything on each button. Upload to all 24 and put your kids in control of enjoying up to 48 hours of their favorites, at the push of a button! KidzPhonz Originalz headphones come in a variety of fun colors, have an adjustable headband, swivel earcups and soft, comfortable ear cushions. Built tough to withstand rigors of daily use, JUKE24 comes in two colors, has a back-loading CD player, a karaoke function with talkover mic for singalong, built-in USB, built-in speakers, translucent button covers, comes with 4GB and connects to any computer. FUN TO CREATE — FUN TO WEAR — FUN TO SHARE! FUN TO CREATE — FUN TO PLAY — FUN TO SHARE! HAMILTONBUHL.COM | 800-631-0868 | NY TOYFAIR BOOTH #5974