CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 18

Show off your emotion with a TWONSTER.  Twonsters are plush with personality. TOY FAIR BOOTH #6333 available in Large and Medium! (39cm and 25cm) NEW from Lion Rampant Imports! Simply twist our face to the side which displays your mood and, voilà! Enough said. The Twonsters … show emotions! T wonsters are plush characters in the shape of friendly monsters that share different emotions. Each character is equipped with two individual emotions for children to express as they switch between the interchangeable faces that are sewed onto the Twonster. Each Twonster is made from soft, pillowlike material that makes them ideal for cuddling. There are 9 different Twonsters in two different sizes for kids and caregivers to choose from, each with its own colorful appearance and personality.  Show your parents and friends what kind of mood you are in! Twonsters recently received the AblePlay Award from the National Lekotek Center.  Lekotek reviewers praised