CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 17

Editor’s CHOICE Pacific Play Tents Here at Pacific Play Tents, our main objective is to help nurture the next generation’s “inner-creativity.” In a world filled with over-stimulation, from electronics to video games, Pacific Play Tents encourages a child to use their imagination while playing with our products. Our motto, “Where an imagination is limitless!” is what Pacific Play Tents represents. With new products each year, we are continuously thriving to make the next best and safe product. In the past and for the future, we have always dedicated ourselves to providing the best quality products with safety being our foremost thought. While the others may cut corners, we never do. You can be certain when we say, “Our products set the bar for best in quality standards.” Every item is meticulously inspected and safely tested. Your child’s safety is our top priority, and you’ll see that when you buy a Pacific Play Tents product. BOOTH #1773 Little Poland Gallery BAJO & TOBE Just Three Chicks, LLC Our Manhattan wooden blocks are simply a must have, be it for children or adults. This set of blocks will appeal to any person of any age. Whether you are an architect or a child looking for building fun, this set of blocks will surely bring you the entertainment you crave. Manhattan Blocks can be put on the table or anywhere, used by friends and family to build their own miniature Manhattan. Each block is painted with water based, certified paint and hand crafted, making it nontoxic with your safety and your children’s safety always in mind. The blocks come in different sizes and shapes, offering you maximum building potential. Our Manhattan blocks come with a platform to hold your blocks in place, acting as streets as you build upwards and make multiple buildings of different height, the sky is the limit ! This modern design is great for any home looking to include the luxury that is Manhattan. Child or adult, you can play and build at your discretion. Just Three Chicks, LLC introduces you to The Bunny with the Basket which includes the IPPY and Moonbeam award winning story “The Bunny with the Basket and the Golden Egg”. Did you know that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are good friends? Well they are! Each year they meet to share the notes they have on all the children of the world. Find out what happens once the Easter Bunny meets with Santa Claus and prepares for Easter! This is a beautifully illustrated story and a new Easter Tradition that involves visits from the Bunny with the Basket, writing notes back and forth to the Easter Bunny, and going on a golden egg hunt. The Bunny with the Basket is an interactive tradition in two ways: 1. children revel in hunting for the golden egg, and 2. they enjoy receiving notes from the Easter Bunny, with an opportunity to write back! While at the Toy Fair, please hop over to Booth 5737 and look for Just Three Chicks wearing bunny ears! Come See us at Toy Fair! BOOTH #5737 BOOTH #5873 877.722.0083 347.733.4358 732.859.3660 | 15