CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 16

Editor’s CHOICE The Meiya & Alvin CollectionTM The Meiya & Alvin CollectionTM is a natural line of baby products that is based on two charming characters from the storybook, “A Day at the Park with Meiya & Alvin”, and their friends. This new infant toy collection promotes development combining natural, quality materials and commitment to environment. This adorable toy is Meiya the Mouse, winner of the Dr. Toy 2015 Green Award. This is the first everinfant, soft rattle toy that combines soft textile and natural rubber to meet the growing consumer market of new parents seeking the best natural and sustainable products for their children. The toy collection includes both Meiya the Mouse and Alvin the Elephant characters and their companion friends, Hava the Bunny, and Wallace the Bear. They come in a variety of gift sets, rattles, puppet snugglies, soft flat toys, squeakers, and plush toys. Some have soft plush heads and most have the natural rubber head that is sustainably harvested from the Hevea tree. Suggested retail prices range from $39.95 for a Deluxe gift set with plush toy and book in a gift box, to $11.99 for a soft head squeaker and $16.99 for a rubber head squeaker. Hamilton Buhl Meet JUKE24,  the new portable, digital jukebox from HamiltonBuhl, that lets kids listen to their favorites, at the touch of a button, as often as they want! For the wannabe rockstars, load up Katy Perry, Justine Bieber, Imagine Dragons and others. Channeling Elsa? Load up the entire  “Frozen” soundtrack! Feeling “Wicked”? Just push the button and singalong! Load any music or audio from CD, computer or flash drive, even read and record your kids’ favorite books.  Then, engage your kids to create button artwork. From cartoon characters to superheroes or bands, they can add anything on each button. Built tough to withstand the rigors of daily use, JUKE24 comes in two colors, has a back-loading CD player, a karaoke function with  talkover mic feature for singalong, built-in speakers, translucent button covers, 4GB of memory and connects to any computer. So go ahead and upload content to all 24 buttons and put your kids in control of enjoying up to 48-hours of their favorites, at the push of a button! Teen Entrepreneur Boot Camp After the successful launch of Flip ’N’ Check™, a dry-erase puzzle book for children ages 6 and above, we are taking the next __________ (noun), by releasing a Mad Libs Edition. The Flip ‘N’ Check method will not only make Mad Libs reusable; the iconic game can now be played without predicting what the story will be.   HOW TO PLAY: 1. PLAY by placing a Mad Libs game under the plastic sheet and fill-in the blanks with funny words using a dry-erase marker.                   2. FLIP the Mad Libs story over and place it back under the plastic sheet.  3. CHECK out your story! Your made-up words drop magically into the Mad Libs story with the flip of the page! Great travel game and a fun way to teach parts of the speech! BOOTH #2154 BOOTH #5974 BOOTH #2607 800.982.2642 14 | 800.631.0868 917.880.2182