CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 14

hot Picks Paint-N-Fly Glider Firefox Toys BOOTH #5288 Our new Paint-N-Fly glider line includes 4 styles that you can paint again and again. Change your masterpiece at any time by soaking it in water, peeling off the old paint then painting your new design! • JUKE24 Hamilton Buhl BOOTH #5974 The new portable, digital jukebox that can be loaded with up to 48-hours of songs, albums, even audio books, allowing your kids to listen to their favorites, at the push of a button, as often as they want! 800.631.0868 • SleeperHero SleeperHero SleeperHero is a bedtime storybook and doll designed to help children (and parents) get the rest they need. The book introduces children to SleeperHero and his special powers. His light changes from red (“stay in bed”) to green (“rise and shine”). Geoflux™ Geospace Intl. Booth #172 GEOFLUX™ magically transforms from a series of rings into a wondrous 3D sculpture, it resembles a giant atom. When you slide your hand through the coils, GeoFlux™ spirals up & down your arms, spinning into a blur of motion. 800.800.5090 • 12 | The Meiya & Alvin CollectionTM Creative Education of Canada, Inc. Booth #2607/2615 The Meiya & Alvin CollectionTM is a new natural line of baby products that is based on two charming characters from the storybook, “A Day at the Park with Meiya & Alvin”. This is the first ever-infant toy that combines soft textile and natural rubber to meet the growing consumer demand for natural and sustainable products. 800.982.2642 •