CreativePlay Retailer February 2016 - Page 12

hot Picks People Pebbles Crayon Rocks At last, good crayons for PEOPLE! Twelve (12) natural soy wax crayons suitable for skin, eye and hair: strawberry cream, honey wheat, coffee, brown, black, pumpkin spice, hazel, aqua, blue, rose red, silver, and gold. 818.823.7423 • Astro Ray Blaster Ohio Art Company Booth #235 AstroRay Dart Blaster looks like the original toy of the 1960’s. It comes with 4 safe foam darts, and includes a light up feature to replicate the original play pattern.  Now available in specialty retail stores. Dachshund Little Poland Gallery- BAJO & TOBE brand BOOTH #5873 Our wooden Dachshund is a wonderful toy. The leather connection between the wood gives the impression that the dog moves like a real animal when pulled along. This modern design is great for apartments and is super durable. 347.733.4358 • Dino Mundi IMMPlay Booth #3147 Dino Mundi is a 3-D interactive dinosaur game. Create your own Prehistoric world! Download the free Dino Mundi App and the world comes to life through augmented reality. Add to the fun with other exciting Dino Mundi products! • 10 | Black Dragon FOLKMANIS Booth #2735 The Folkmanis® Black Dragon puppet is a creature of mythic proportions featuring unique draw-string animation that expands a spectacular wingspan to give flight to your imagination. Elaborately detailed with hypnotic eyes, serpentine skin and reptilian accents, this legendary creature comes to life with movement in the mouth, forked tongue and arms. 800.654.8922 •