Creative Spark Summer 2014 - Page 126

In addition to being featured in the magazine, the designers were asked to prepare a blog post on their summer designs as part of a blog hop reveal. These blog posts are likely to have more information and pictures for you to enjoy. Here is a list of the bloggers/designers involved along with a link to their blogs. This list is also available on the ZnetShows blog.

Amy Severino

Andrea Trank

Becky Pancake

Bobbie Rafferty

BR Kuhlman

Charlie Jacka

Christie Murrow

Christina Miles

Christine Stonefield

Cynthia Machata

Cynthia Riggs

Donetta Farrington

Hope Smitherman

Kashmira Patel

Kathy Lindemer

Kay Thomerson

Kelly Patterson

Klaudete Koon

Lee Koopman

Lisa Lodge

Renetha Stanziano

Sandra Washington

Shai Williams

Sheryl Stephens

Stephanie Haussler

Tammie Everly