Creative Sacred Living Magazine September 2014 - Page 88

"Sharing the Divine Union with a partner can be as easy as energy flowing on the path of least resistance, and it is immensely entertaining. But make no mistake, it can also be the hardest thing you ever had to face! It all depends on who the lovers are, and what consciousness and intention each brings to the moment of Divine Union". (Institute of Ecstatic Living).

A Tantric relationship is one where there is a divine union and perfect balance of the masculine and feminine energies within your self and with your partner. Energy is represented by the female divine power, Shakti and Consciousness is represented by the male divine power, Shiva. The dance between Shiva and Shakti never ends, there is a constant flowing of this energy from one to the other, a giving and a receiving of this energy. In the ancient myth of India, the marriage of Shiva and Shakti is considered to be Divine Union, a fundamental concept of Tantra.

As individuals each of us possess innate male and female aspects. These are manifested and expressed in various ways throughout our lives. Sometimes the man is receptive and feeling, at other times strong and directive. Sometimes the woman is assertive and directive, at other times soft and yielding.

Tantric teachings embrace the concept that everyone has an intrinsic potential, realizable through the experience of Tantric practices. In Eastern religious thought, Tantra is a pathway to spiritual attainment. In the Western mind, we can consider it a doorway to achieving our ultimate potential-a joyful life, sharing love, celebrating everything. The Divine Union is a powerful tool to help us get there. (Lokita Carter)

When you are in a Tantric relationship practicing giving and receiving pleasure, and honoring each other as the god and goddess incarnate awakens you to profound learning. You enter into a mythic dimension that allows you to fly freely as your divine nature. You are infused with ever more consciousness, playfulness and any stagnant energy that existed between you and your partner in a long-term committed relationship are cleared away. Such are the practices and benefits of Tantra.

A Tantric relationship is one that moves with the energy of each person within the relationship. That may even include children as the flow of energy between you and your partner will also affect how you relate with your children. As you and your beloved become more attuned to each other's flow of energy you will also be able to tune into the energy flow of your children. This dance of male and female energies is always occurring in every relationship that you have. Understanding this as a basic principle can shift how you respond to any interaction with any individual.

With conscious intention use your relationship as a laboratory to practice in learning new ways of communicating, creating sacred space, exploring the interplay of your male and female sides and sharing more about yourself and learning more about your partner. (Lokita Carter)

You and your beloved will be more inspired by playing together in this deeply felt container of energy that you have created.

Embracing a Tantric relationship will offer you riches beyond compare. Your relationship with your self, your partner, your friends and your family will be expanded and enriched by it. Your life will become a sacred partnership with all things.

Tantric Relationship, a Divine Union of Sacred Partnership

(c) 2009 Valery Satterwhite