Creative Sacred Living Magazine September 2014 - Page 56

Caterpillars, Butterflies, Moths and Sacred Transition When we as seekers of sacred truths look at the patterns of Nature, old memories are stirred; understanding comes at a gut level. Myself, a seeker of Knowledge, Truth and Beauty or the Bohemian ideal, I have found over long observation that the life cycles of Butterflies and Moths can be very enlightening in terms of its ability to teach us that transformation is part of the natural cycle of this living Earth and all of its inhabitants, it is sacred as it allows us a glimpse in to the Great Mystery. It may is helpful to think of the Human Fetus and its transformation and subsequent emergence as a metaphor of the transition of the Caterpillar into Moth or Butterfly. I attempt to show these animals in a way that allows the viewer to see for themselves that these things can be great teaching tools for both Adults and Children, exposing them to the cycle of this Earth, its heartbeat and Beauty, diversity and wonder. I suggest a trip to Milwaukee's Public Museum world class Butterfly Habitat. Children often have great and irrational fear of insects, wide open spaces and the elements, sadly often as result of parental conditioning. Left alone, children usually exhibit no fear among new stimuli especially nature and animals. Too many children are divorced from this cycle unable to witness and judge for themselves what I and many others included one John Muir have found knowledge, deep wisdom and solace from. Please enjoy these images and encourage your children to explore, feel, touch, taste and smell the Nature around them, it creates magnificent neural pathways in the young brain. Besides, Butterflies and Moths are just plain lovely to watch and see. In this Photography feature, you will see a smattering of the diversity found in Wisconsin, mainly it's State Natural Areas, State Wildlife Production Areas, and it's bountiful State and National Parks.