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Greetings and a warm welcome to the September issue of

Creative Sacred Living Magazine!

Please take some time to get to know the layout of our magazine. You will notice that this is more than just a magazine, it is also an interactive, multi-media presentation. Keep an eye out for clickable links!

You can peruse the articles on the "In this Issue" page to choose which to read first (Just click them and you are taken directly to that page). Just as with a paper magazine, you may want to sit and read the whole thing at once, or come back to this issue several times to digest the articles more slowly.

When we set out to create an on-line magazine that would promote Creative and Sacred living, one thing I was adamant

about was to steer away from the glossy images of the too perfect, product-driven magazines that we all sometimes read.

What you will find in the pages of Creative Sacred Living is a collection of inspired and authentic articles written by real,

honest, down-to-earth folks who work ha to live deliberately,

but who are not afraid to admit the struggles we sometimes face. All sponsor ads in the magazine are from authentic

and empowering businesses that I personally recommend and have experienced.

I am honored to share the work of so many committed and thoughtful people. Please feel free to send feedback on the articles, to share your thoughts or ask the author a question. Each author has their contact information listed in their bios.

We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader! Creative Sacred Living

With warmest thanks,

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