Creative Sacred Living Magazine September 2014 - Page 45

rhythm – more confidently and publicly.

I don’t know if Robin Williams had secrets; he was fairly public about his struggles with depression, and alcohol and cocaine abuse. But I do know that secrets lead to shame, and that shame feeds depression.

We all need to stand a little taller today, and own our stories.Our entire story. That doesn’t mean that you need to post a personal inventory on Facebook (don’t get me started on people who “over share!”).

But if you see someone who is in pain, confused, or just having a rough time, and you can relate because of personal experience, swallow your pride and share that story. Let the person know that they are not alone, and that there can be life – happiness, even – on the other side of whatever is happening to them.

It may help them; it will definitely help you.

is a Personal Empowerment Coach who works with women to help them navigate the journey of developing meaning and purposeful lives. She blogs and hosts a weekly podcast, Your Amazing Life. She lives in Southern California with her supportive, encouraging and loving husband, and their three cats.

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